Treasure of My Heart

Delilah Wilke has always been more interested in reading about history and her town—Cinnamon Bay’s local legends of treasures hidden by pirates—than taking an adventure herself. Now that she’s taken over Antique Alley, the family business, her life is too busy for adventure anyway. 

Then Chace McCoy walks into her store. Chace is a well-known treasure hunter and bestselling adventure novelist. People—including Delilah’s dad—love the guy. But Chance is a man she’s never trusted—cocky, yet witty, and charming. He looks like a pirate and probably has the same scruples. When Chace offers her a proposal to work together in order to find long-buried treasure, she wonders what his scheme might be. Turns out, a long-time friend of Chace’s knows about some hidden treasure map that’s about to be auctioned off and he wants Delilah’s help. The catch? They’ll have to “borrow” the map belonging to legendary captain Fraleigh. 

Delilah is skeptical, but also intrigued. Can she break out of her shell and work with the one man she doesn’t trust in order to find the treasure of a lifetime.

Delve into a new world of romance, mystery, and magic in the quirky coastal town of Cinnamon Bay, North Carolina