Meet the Authors

Connie Dave

undefinedConnie Davé resides in a small Midwestern town, where she has lived all her life. Growing up she was a tomboy who had a love for all animals, the outdoors and riding horses. In her early twenties, her mother introduced her to romance novels and from then on she became a voracious reader and lover of all things romance. For many years she had a secret desire to write her own romance book but never pursued it. After getting married to her own real-life hero she continued to read as she raised their two young daughters.

Once her kids were older, thoughts of writing her own novel made an appearance again. With the support of her husband, daughters, family, and friends she wrote her first book, Finding Faith. Completing the first novel felt like an awesome achievement but it also opened her mind to more sensual, small town, happily ever after stories she wants to share. 

Nikki Lynn Barrett

undefined No matter where she goes, USA Today Bestselling author Nikki Lynn Barrett hears voices in her head. Instead of calling her crazy and locking her up, her family realizes it’s just a product of being an author and allows her to write the stories so that the voices shut up.
But they don’t. And probably never will. There’s no need to lock her up, Nikki knows she’ll never escape the voices, not until each and every last story is written. And for every story she writes, about ten or more ideas pop up.

When she isn’t slaving away at her computer writing books that will probably make you cry and keep you in suspense, Nikki plots to take over the world one book at a time. What? It’s a sickness. One she can’t escape!

Books aren’t her only addiction, though. Nikki can be found making up parodies to drive her son crazy, and bantering back and forth with her husband, who somehow manages to steal her away from the fictional world she lives in all the time.

Nikki lives in Arizona with her husband and son, where she can be found using every creativity outlet she can find through music, photography, handcrafted things, and random interests that she may pick up from time to time.

If you want to learn more about the author who makes people cry for a living, check her out at

Holly Cortelou

undefinedHolly Cortelyou pens sweet and spicy small town, contemporary romances that just may have a kiss of magic or a twist of mystery. 

On any given day Holly can be found sipping coffee and surfing Facebook for gossip on royals, college football (Go Ducks!), knitting, and ghosts!

After trying on many hats as a meeting planner, political scientist, long haul trucker, and financial services specialist, she’s finally found the perfect fit as a romance writer!

Holly’s living her own Happily Ever After with an uber-handy and sexily broad-shouldered husband, and a fluffball kitty in sun-kissed Southern Oregon…and a goofy and loving silver lab pup!

She has hazel eyes and a goofy sense of humor…all the rest is subject to change without notice.

Of course, you can always find her at and

Brea Viragh

undefinedBrea Viragh is a contemporary and paranormal romance writer based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. When she isn’t writing, her hobbies include binge-watching The Magicians, HGTV, scouring thrift shops for goodies, and maintaining her alpha status among her puppy and three cats. Brea has spent most of her years traveling, collecting adventures, and attempting to find the perfect place to plant roots. All the while she has been writing. She is a Sagittarius, a donut addict, and a wild woman at heart. She uses the world around her (and her own experiences) as fodder for her fiction projects. Life is a story. Live the life you want your audience to read.

Monique McDonell

Monique is an Australian author who writes contemporary women’s fiction including chick lit and romance.

Monique has written all her life. At University she studied Creative Writing as part of my Communication degree. Afterwards she was busy working in public relations and didn’t write for pleasure for quite a few years although she wrote many media releases, brochures and newsletters. (And I still does in her day-job!)

When she began to write again, Monique noticed a trend – writing dark unhappy stories made her unhappy. So, she decided to write a novel with a happy ending, and has been writing happy stories ever since.

She is the author of over 22 books including five standalone novels and two novellas including Mr. Right and Other Mongrels Flight Bound and Hearts Afire. She has also written three series; the Upper Crust Series, the Jewel Sisters Series and the Courtside Romance series.

To learn more about her writing, her caffeine obsession and her upcoming books please visit

Shannyn Leah

undefinedUSA TODAY Bestselling romance author Shannyn Leah loves olives, lip gloss and reading (and writing) romance novels.

Her love of words started at an early age and soon grew until, during her teenage years, she’d started writing her own novels. When her mom pushed to finally publish some of the stories, she quickly amassed two complete romance series. When she’s not writing contemporary romance books into the early hours of the morning, Shannyn can be found antiquing with her two favorite people, her momma and sister, in their picturesque London, Ontario hometown.

Shannyn would love to get to know her readers as you get to know her (just don’t send her any carrots!)