Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Cinnamon Bay Romance?

A: The concept for Cinnamon Bay came about through the efforts of five writers wanting to build their own small-town world: and get their readers involved along the way! Our readers have helped decide where our town is located, what our main attraction should be, and helped name and design our businesses. This way, our readers feel like they are part of the story—although you never know what our Trio of Trouble will do next!

Cinnamon Bay Romance is a small-town world centered around a Matchmaker Trio and mythical love spice where readers can immerse themselves in the story. We want to seek out authors that are interested in building with us, who have eager fans, and want to grow their own worlds by forming new relationships within ours.

Q: Who are the owners of Cinnamon Bay Romance?

A: Connie Dave, Brea Viragh, Shannyn Leah, and Nikki Lynn Barrett are the co-creators of Cinnamon Bay along with Monique McDonnel and Holly Cortelyou.

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Q: Are all of the novels and novellas set in Cinnamon Bay connected? If I read one from the authors I am not familiar with, will I be lost? Or do these stories stand on their own?

A: Thanks for asking! Although there are some cross overs with characters in the world of Cinnamon Bay, the only connected series would be the Carmichaels of Cinnamon Bay. Otherwise, it is not necessary to read the books in order to understand the story. The authors are aware that their stories will be read by new readers and they create their tales accordingly. Of course, we do hope our readers will find new authors and series through this world.

Q: Will the books be bundled into collections?

A: Yes, we are hoping to continue building our books and our brands into collections based on their year of publication! We hope to release for many years to come so of course the best way to find out about new releases (and new authors) would be to subscribe to our newsletter.

Q: Is there a printable book list available?

A: Guess we better get on that, eh?

Q: Is the newsletter free?

A: You bet! The newsletter is free.

Q: How can I sign up for the newsletter?

A: You can sign up HERE